About Us


“Il cielo è una coperta ricamata,
le stelle di lassù fanno la spia,
affacciati al balcone, o bella mia,
e vieni ad ascoltar la serenata!
Se dormi, svegliati,
vieni al balcone,
questa canzone, …
la canto per te.”

(Song of the folk tradition)

About Us

The embroidered cover. The starry sky seems like an embroidered cover which is the background for a serenade sung under a lover’s balcony.
It is the recall to the atmosphere of a magical city, that welcomes the guest with the charm and the mystery of its history, its traditions, its legends and its songs.

Music, in Siena, runs through the tuff stone, in its foundations, crosses through its serena stone, gurgles in its fountains and suddenly gushes into an alley, in a square at any time of the day and, most of all, at night.
These are popular themes that find a fertile ground in the oral traditions that live on the life of the contrada.
It is a collective musical heritage that must be jealously conserved to avoid losing its traces. It should be stored in our memory, mutating in time as our emotions and loves. So it could happen that the same song is passed on and is performed with different words and tunes from contrada to contrada, therefore non longer resembling the original one. If you want to enter into the spirit of this world, you will certainly find in our B&B a privileged starting point.
Siena should be discovered leisurely, losing oneself among its alleys, its myths and its people’s sense of humour. You will be astonished to meet always new and unusual dimensions.

Where we are

“LA COPERTA RICAMATA” is situated inside the old city walls, in the territory of the contrada of Lupa, just steps away from Piazza del Campo, the heart of the city where traditionally on 2nd July and on 16th August the Palio, the annual historic horse-race, is held.
The B&B is conveniently situated within walking distance of the city’s historic centre.
It’s located near a bus stop, the railway station and a highway exit, so it’s an excellent accommodation for all travellers. It is possible to park in the nearby streets or to park at nearby garages.
The B&B, located in a villa just inside the old city walls, is completely surrounded by a large garden that gives the guests peace, quiet and comfort, but also the view of an unusual landscape beneath the ancient and famous rocca of Monte dei Paschi.

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